Photo workshop REPTILE photography

As one of the leading experts on reptile and amphibian photography Matthijs gives you a unique chance to have a look behind the curtains and learn how to capture these stunning animals yourself.


In a professional studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands, you will be able to get stunning, special and rarely seen animals in front of your lens. You bring your camera, macrolens and an empty memory card we supply the rest.

During this intens, 4 hour, course you will learn about your camera, settings, use of lights, diaphragm, iso settings , these animals and most important of all composition: A photo must speak without a story.

Course is hands on with these animals. Matthijs will provide all the information about these magnificent creatures and make sure that you are safe. 

When, where and what do you need ?

When: Sunday 18th of OctoberFULL ! Sunday 15th of November 2020 or Sunday 17th of January 2021 . From 09H till 13H.

Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands.

What do you need: mirrorless or DSL camera. Macrolens (if you have not got one they are easy to rent at multiple shops) and plenty of memory space.

Max number of participants: 4

Price:  € 240,-

Want to join ? Fill in the contact form below and I will contact you.