Speaking engagements

Matthijs is our Dutch Crocodile Dundee. He is the most passionate herper you’ll ever meet. He has traveled the world through ice capped mountains  and arid deserts to capture the rarest and most endangered reptiles and amphibians, from the rain forests of Cameroon to the Dragon Island of Komodo. Matthijs is an award-winning photographer who has been featured on National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Netflix ,The Guardian, Time Magazine and Discovery channel - just to name a few of his appearances.

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Fueled by his strong childhood passion, Matthijs has been photographing amphibians for the last 27 years. Despite a good number of dangerous encounters, Matthijs pushes on, he is relentless when it comes to photographing these creatures in their habitats. Through his lens, he pursues a life long quest of capturing the astounding diversity of the animal kingdom.

Matthijs owns a vast collection of reptile and amphibian photographs. He has photographed more than 2.500 species over his career. During this photographic project, he also has a mission: he wants to counteract common stereotypes about snakes and reptiles: he wants us to abandon the fear and negative thoughts we associate with these slithery friends. Matthijs builds a close relationship with his subjects when photographing them - we aim for you to do the same and be astonished rather than fearful.

Sharp, funny and extremely passionate Matthijs entertains the audience with amazing photos and stories about his travels, animals and/or techniques he uses to create his work.

Reptiles of the Guianas is also available in presentation.

Cold instinct the book is also available in presentation.

Other speaking engagements can be made to fit.  May it be for Conservation purposes, fund raisers, photo clubs,  symposiums or conferences.

Contact us through the contact page with your request and we will make you a price estimate.